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From classic tomato salsa to baked goat cheese dip with honey drizzle, Salsas and Dips is packed with delicious ideas for any craving or occasion Dress up every meal - or snack - with some extra flavor from Salsas and Dips From classic dip and salsa recipes to bold new creations, cooks with any level of experience can recreate over 100 mouthwatering recipes for every occasion or event, with shopping lists and entertainment tips to match. What's more, this book is full of delicious dippables, like homemade potato chips, chocolate-covered pretzels, and grilled chicken skewers. Here are just a few of the delicious recipes you'll find: *Chipotle and Adobo Salsa *Roasted Tomato Salsa *Baba Ganoush *Tiramisu Dip *Cheese Twists *Edamame Hummus *Broccoli Cheddar Dip *Watermelon Salsa *Cookie Dough Dip *Whipped Ricotta Dip *Tortilla Chips *Jicama and Apple Salsa Sure to please all palates, Salsas and Dips will help you add that punch of extra flavor to any meal

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