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Beyond the Board! In this follow-up to her bestselling Beautiful Boards, The BakerMama takes her super-popular snack boards to the next level with 50 delicious, exciting, family-friendly, and easy-to-put-together food spreads and DIY bars that will impress guests and feed a hungry crowd, for extra memorable mealtimes, special occasions, and holidays. Spectacular Spreads features over 250 recipes, stunning photography, and endless ideas that you can follow to a tee or mix and match. Each amazing spread is comprised of a variety of dishes that are visually exciting and deliciously enticing. Whether for a celebration with a large group or a weeknight dinner with the family, enjoy a myriad of spreads, such as: Omelet Bar, Top Your Own Pizza, Blend Your Own Milkshake, The Big Game, Father's Day Dinner, Christmas Eve Snacks. Along with The BakerMama's tips and tricks that guide you from planning your spread to laying it out on a table or punter, Spectacular Spreads guarantees effortless, stress-free, and foolproof entertaining.

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